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Duty & Scholarship

Fees and Scholarships

The registration fee (tuition) is set annually by Resolution of the University and is common for undergraduate and graduate programs. 2016 enrollment was $ 190,000 (one hundred and ninety thousand pesos).

In the case of Doctor of Science of Natural Resources, the annual fee it is $ 2,970,000 (two million nine hundred seventy thousand pesos). CONICYT Scholarship extend 76% of this value (i.e. $ 2,250,000 two million two hundred fifty thousand pesos) and the difference is assumed by the University. The students are ask to support academic activities such as participation in regular undergraduate lectures, helping workshops organization, seminars, laboratory assistantships and dissemination activities such Explore program.

The Program evaluates the information of applicants and sends the selected list to the Postgraduate office to further official handling.

CONICYT's Scholarships

UFRO's Scholarships