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Research Lines

The Doctoral Program and Master Degree of Science in Natural Resources is based on the following research lines:

• Soil Biology and Microbiology

• Soil Physicochemical and environment

• Nutrition and Plant Physiology

• Chemistry and Environmental Biotechnology

• Ecological Chemistry and Biological Control

• Soil conservation, carbon sequestration, bioremediation and ecosystem sustainability

• Agrifood bioprocessing

• Agroindustrial Waste Management and Bioenergy

These research lines constitutes the main stream scientific Program, involving doctoral, mater degree students and professors from our academic staff, invited professors and academic visitors.

Since the beginning of our Program, we have been focused to produce research of high impact along with the scientific group belonging to the Nucleous of Natural Bioresources of Universidad de La Frontera (bioren.ufro.cl)

We also sustain connections and exchanges with in a Joint International Doctoral Program in Environmental Resource Sciences at Federico II University of Naples, Italy and double degree diploma with University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.